Commission for letsdodeductions (as a birthday present from leofitz)

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» Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks // We Could Be Anyone listen ] [ download ]

A mix inspired by Edward Hopper’s renowned painting ‘Nighthawks’ and the unknown lives of its late-night diners. The mix begins by welcoming listeners into a night of energetic swing-style tunes, and slowly dwindles into the mellower melodies of the late night hours. While exploring the many possible personalities behind these well-known faces, the music selections put a modern twist on some old fashioned things.

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Favourite ladies Laura Osnes
I’d love to do movies and be on TV. But I think if I transitioned into TV/film completely, I would really miss singing and dancing. It would be ideal to be cast in a movie musical!
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"Wes Anderson Inspired Still Life" - Randi Butler.2014


'Final Lair' - Geronimo Rauch, Harriet Jones, and Sean Palmer
July 8, 2014; London

Full audio gifted here; phantom1304’s master

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heathers + musical numbers

Candy Store
Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick?
You’ve come so far, why now, are you pulling on my dick?
I’d normally slap your face off and everyone here could watch…
But I’m feeling nice, here’s some advice… LISTEN UP BIOTCH!